Ham drawing. Chicken drawing. Toast drawing. Onion drawing. Maybe I'm making a casserole.

I Draw Food!

I like to draw the foods I eat sometimes. Sometimes I just eat the food and get on with it. 

John Moreland with The Hardship Letters

I had the privilege of designing the flyer for this show. John Moreland is one of the good ones. If you ever get a chance to see him you should. You'll be better for it <3 The Hardship Letters are my local KC favorite. Just a fantastic group of guys who will break your heart in the best way:)  

Guthrie Green Concert Poster

Worked up this little number for the Horton Records Music Series at Guthrie Green in Tulsa, OK. I can't go to this so you should and give out all the hugs! 

MOTM and Murder By Death

Good morning, everyone! I've submitted a poster design for the band Murder By Death for Ink's Middle of the Map poster contest. If you're the voting kind I would love to have your vote! And feel free to share! Thank you:) Okay, bye.

Thesis Film

The animation and masks are done! Now I'm onto building out the scenes and filming. Not sure anyone is having any fun though. The shoot has been pretty rough and it seems like I'm kind of a grumpy director:/ But we're getting there! 


Bearshark Week!


It's been a good week:) Paul Benjaman Band turned the bearshark drawing I did for them into buttons and Wild Rabbit printed up the design I created for them on the cutest tanks. I'm also working on some pieces for Roper Apparel and revamping an older design I did for Daisy O'connor. Feeling freaky fresh and grateful, ya'll.